Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wherein things go less smoothly than I had hoped

I thought 50M of the silver thread would be enough. I still have nearly two snowflakes left to quilt, and I'm seeing a lot more of the spool than I am comfortable with. I hope I have enough; it would be irksome to have to stop and go out to buy more. That would be a good hour gone, right there. Boo!

The rest of the quilt proceeds apace. There are only 9 small blocks left to quilt, and I am actually finished quilting on all the little green blocks. It's just five stars and four hearts left!

So the quilt blocks should be finished up tonight, thread depending. Which means that my focus now needs to shift to quilting the border. I'm thinking that I should quilt around the snowmen, white around their little round bodies and colors to match their little scarves. I've fully stitched one guy and an assortment of bodies and scarves, and I have to admit that it looks really cute to have little plump snowmen quilted all over. So that's the upside.

The downside is that there's over two hundred of them. I think. I haven't made an accurate count because I don't want to discourage myself, but I know the number isn't exactly small. So tonight's goal is to finish up the blocks (thread depending) then finish quilting the little snowmen on the bottom of the quilt border. Then I can do 'just' a side and a half on Wednesday and Thursday, and still have Friday free to attack the binding.

Wish me luck!

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