Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three more books read last night!

Well, four-ish. One was an omnibus edition of two older Nora Roberts books.

There won't be as detailed a review as yesterday. All books were romances, and romances are a bit like Oreos. Some might be stale, some fresh, and some awesome holiday peppermint Oreos, but they are all, in the end, a common sandwich cookie. You know what you're getting, you know what you're looking for when you pick one up, and as long as the guy and girl end up together without a huge number of WTF moments along the way, it qualifies as a decent read.

The Nora Roberts one included two stories that are, well, old. One has a copyright of 1982, one 1984. If I were a cynical bastard (which I, of course, entirely am not. Of course) I'd suggest that they makers of the omnibus editions like to combine one decent book with one that is... dreck. So there was that. Also, ok, book written in the 1980s, early, but "Your sexuality is so overwhelming that it makes me want to rape you" is entirely not cool. Upside, both books took about 45 minutes to read, so the waste of time was not huge. Stale Oreo, but not so bad you spit it out in the sink in disgust. Just swallow quickly and mourn the ingress of un-tasty calories.

The next one was by an author I'm coming to like, Jennifer Cruise. Not a shining example of her work, though, and a note to publishers. If I open the cover and am baffled by the huge page margins and enormous font size, you are not fooling me into thinking that this is a long story, no matter how many pages that manages to pad things out to. Normal Oreo, maybe a little stale.

The last book, also by Jennifer Cruise, Bet Me, was fun. Good characters, good secondary characters, everyone behaved like their own agents and not just satellites orbiting the main couple, and good (and believable!) reasons why the two had to work to develop their relationship. All quibbles I have with this book are very minor. This book was an awesome peppermint Oreo.

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