Saturday, December 25, 2010

The gift is given if not entirely done

I did get all the binding on, though. Might have been up until past 3:30, and awake and frantically finishing up as my brother came in and started depositing his presents around the tree, but that binding was *on* when mom opened the present.

She was pleased.

I told her I wasn't done, and that I'd need it back to finish up the quilting on the border. She looked at me, and completely seriously asked if I'd have it done by the end of January so she would be able to show it off to her quilting group.

Gentle reader, I didn't laugh in her face. But it was a near thing.

Later she was relaying the list of gifts that she got for Christmas, and couldn't figure out why she got the Angry Glare from me as she finished up. "I mentioned the quilt!"

But you forgot the snowman pillow! The heavily beaded and cross stitched snowman pillow!

(Oh, yeah. >.> )

Thanks mom. =P

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  1. pics or it didn't happen. seriously. after this much work, what's wrong with you?