Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting close to the wire, and issues

While trying to quilt the border last night (and, well, early this morning) I kept having to stop and unpick things I had done because they pulled the fabrics out of alignment. Nothing I tried really helped, not careful holding, not pins, not lots of pins. At about 1:30 I had the idea to sew down the side of the quilt, as that would hold all the layers together and then get hidden under the binding.

It being 1:30, I made one seam, looked at it critically, decided that no one would *really* see the lumps after the binding was on, and it's fleecy backed besides, and that the next side would just have more pins.

Lots more pins.

Bringing back the steel industry one quilt at a time, that's me.

All of the corners have a quilted snowman. The bottom has a cute smattering of snowmen near the middle, the left side has a couple in the middle, and the right side has about six quilted in the top corner.

Tonight's plan is to sew the other three sides together, make the binding (eeeeeep!), sew the binding on (with the machine, at the very least, and hopefully get the hand-sewn side somewhere between 50% and 75% done. I am armed with a library of links and a great number of pins, so there's hope. Tomorrow I'll finish putting the binding on, wrap presents, and then quilt as many more snowmen as my fingers can hold out for.

My thumb hurts, my index finger occasionally aches, the index nail has developed a tear right beyond the pink where the needle rests when I'm sewing, the right wrist aches, and there's the occasional burst of numbness that I've been getting when I make a stitch. I didn't realize that this would be so injury-inducing!

Oh, and I also need to turn a little cross stitch into a little pillow.

And maybe sleep?

Maybe not.

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