Thursday, March 29, 2012

State of the Stitching, Third Full Moon

There's not much to report for the third month.  Stitching came to a bit of a halt when I realized I had 60+ things out from the library and I wanted to read/watch them all.

I did manage to finish Lily Pond in February.

I finished up Wolf Mountain about a week and a half after Lily Pond was finished.

And then I started Stitcher's Favorite Fob (although I didn't get very far).  Something something lots of books something TV shows something where did the time go?

I have only 38 books/1 movie left to go through, which normally wouldn't be a thing.  However, this weekend I'm working Emerald City Comic Con (I'll be forced to share a table with two incredibly hot guys, so, you know, pity me) so there's not going to be a lot of free time for any crafting.  So we'll see if I can manage to get something done before the next full moon.  No promises!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Other conversations I've had with myself


You know what would be awesome right now?  ETHANOL.

What?  What the heck?  You know I don't drink.  Just last week I was puzzling over the last time I had anything alcoholic, and decided it was that raspberry honey wine last summer.  Which was delicious, by the way, but I'm certainly not wasting drinking it when I feel like this.


What?  No!  You know that I don't drink.  It messes up the crafting.

Like you're crafting right now anyway.  Look at you, you're not even reading!

Yes I am!

Oh really?  How many pages in the past two days?

... 134.

And how many would you normally have read by now?

... 700.

You're really just playing Pocket Frogs aren't you.

Shut up.  Not drinking.

You know what would be awesome right now?  ETHANOL.


Eat the foods.

*nom nom nom jelly beans*


What am I doing what?  Calories, simple sugars, gelatin.  What's the problem?


Really.  Jelly beans.




*om nom nom corn chips*


Chips?  -_-



*slurp slurp slurp chicken noodle soup*


That... that was it.

You suck.

Bite me.


-_-  Miso?


Sold.  Yours.  Now, drink the water.


C'mon, water.


Fine.  Dr. Pepper?

Fill me to the top, please!

But jelly beans are too much for you?

Do you want to rock the apple cart?

... One six-pack or two?            

Why is it you constanly are like "Whoa, I'm totes sick!" when you don't feel good?

It's like your brain goes away for a few minutes, forgets the coughing, the fever, the aches.  It's like you can't see that the pile of kleenex has overgrown every garbage can in the house.  It's like somehow, until you stop for a moment and actually kick your brain into working again it pretends that everything is fine just fine.

I got home from work on Monday, took a nap.  Woke up with a fever.  Ah, well, I've been burning the candle at both ends, it's just exhaustion, right?  Tuesday:  worked with a fever.  Wednesday: worked with a fever.  Thursday:  got up, realized that I really should probably get back to bed, but had brought work home with me, so, like a real gangsta did the work, then went home and went to bed.  As my work involved driving, it was worrisome to realize that maybe I shouldn't be doing this, as I had to force myself to concentrate on things like checking for other cars at four way stops.  Like, I'd look and see that no cars were there but as soon as that determination was made I reached the buffer on my short term memory and had to keep re-checking that everything was kosher.

But everything was fine just fine, right?  Sure, I got home, took a bath to get good and relaxed, and then promptly fell asleep for four hours.  Then was awake for four more, then slept for twelve (and called in sick to work for Friday).  And after the phone call I slept for four more.  That's twenty hours out of twenty four totally unconscious, for people keeping track.

But things are fine just fine, ok?  Sure, I was trembling with exhaustion after leaving the house for ten minutes to get a sandwich from Subway.  (And all my love to the gal who let me go in front of her in line.  No joke, all my love.  May your life be puppies, roses, and cupcakes.)  And this was after sleeping almost sixteen hours in a row!  And I only drove six blocks, total!  I'm fine just fine.

Yesterday I had chicken noodle soup and powerade, and it was good.  Today I've been bemoaning that I have no chicken soup left (I do have creamy tomato, but it doesn't appeal at all) and thinking longingly of the other ways to get food to me.  I could cast Summon Pizza, but I don't think I'd be up to eating it.  There's the Thai place across the street, that's just a block away.  Or the teriyaki place, and they have miso.

Miso.  Waitaminute.

Last night as I was falling asleep I recalled that I had miso, and was going to have some today.  See, Past Kim was smart, and when she heard that radioactive stuff was washing into the sea around Japan, she went out and loaded up on miso.  I've got enough miso to get me through three illnesses (note:  sickness do NOT take this as a challenge, please!).  But due to this horrible memory drain (no, I'm fine just fine.) I'd forgotten that I remembered. 

I was blaming the universe for breaking The Secret and all, because I was visualizing soup being here like an ADD rabbit, but it didn't let me down.  There is soup to be had, hooray!!

(Sorry for the random post!)