Thursday, March 29, 2012

State of the Stitching, Third Full Moon

There's not much to report for the third month.  Stitching came to a bit of a halt when I realized I had 60+ things out from the library and I wanted to read/watch them all.

I did manage to finish Lily Pond in February.

I finished up Wolf Mountain about a week and a half after Lily Pond was finished.

And then I started Stitcher's Favorite Fob (although I didn't get very far).  Something something lots of books something TV shows something where did the time go?

I have only 38 books/1 movie left to go through, which normally wouldn't be a thing.  However, this weekend I'm working Emerald City Comic Con (I'll be forced to share a table with two incredibly hot guys, so, you know, pity me) so there's not going to be a lot of free time for any crafting.  So we'll see if I can manage to get something done before the next full moon.  No promises!

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  1. You've certainly been busy! Lily Pond looks great. Love the charms on it. Pretty WiPs.