Saturday, December 31, 2011

WIP picture, pre-pocalypse

1. Blue Rose

2.  Blue Moon (not started, no picture)

3.  Lady of the Gingkoes

4.  Lily Pond  This is my travel project, so it will probably get done soon.  Ish.

5.  Stitcher's Favorite Fob (not started, no picture)

6.  Companions

7.  Gingerbread House (not started, no picture)

8.  Little Goose

9.  Hannah's Hummingbird Knot Garden

10.  Poor Jack

11.  Celandine (my colors)  See?  I told you ten projects were just the beginning!

Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm going to be participating in the WIPocalypse this year.  I'm super busy working on Blue Rose, so this list will be slim until I have more time to pull things from my shelves and make a real determination of what I want to do.

1.  Blue Rose, HAED SAL.
2.  Blue Moon, HAED SAL.
3.  Lady of the Ginkgoes, HAED
4.  Lily Pond, Elizabeth's Designs
5. Stitcher's Favorite Fob, Sweetheart Tree
6. Companions, Teresa Wentzler
7.  Gingerbread House, Victoria Sampler
8.  Random Small Goose Design, Kit Swiped From My Mother
9.  Hannah's Hummingbird Knot Garden, Liz Turner Diehl
10.  Poor Jack, Birds of a Feather.

Yes, ten projects is light for me.  Very, very light.