Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wherein I get slightly more lunatic

Twenty four hours have passed, so it's time for an update. I have managed to finish off 12 of the 25 blocks, with the thirteenth well begun. Of course, that was my plan for the close of day yesterday, and an observant person would note that we've passed three in the afternoon.

Details, details.

Given that it is the weekend and that I have more time to laze about and devote to such pastimes as frantic stitching, I have decided that it would be best if I finished off six blocks per day: three large and three small. If I can manage that, I'll have only three blocks left to quilt for Monday, then time on Tuesday and Wednesday to quilt the border, then Thursday and Friday to make and attach the binding.

That's how I roll. I'll make dramatic pronouncements that "Well, if I do THIS" I'll be able to hand off a gift with the squares quilted, at least. And as soon as it look like that might actually be feasible, I ratchet up the daily progress plans until I can fill every waking moment with an attempt to reach an even loftier goal.

I will admit that this is rather insane, and that I could continue with the plan to have just the squares quilted and finish up the rest later. My mom's a crafter, she knows how making gifts can go. But there's an ulterior motive to me finishing the whole thing up in a week. If I manage to get it done, I won't have to take it *back*. I'll be free, free!

Free to do something else overly optimistic, to be sure. Isn't it close to the time where we make resolutions for the coming year?

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