Monday, December 20, 2010

Another day closer

... and deeper in trouble. So my optimistic ideas for the weekend turned out to be overly optimistic. Who could have guessed that? So I do not have two large blocks and nine small ones left. I have two large blocks and twenty-six small ones left. This is actually not far off from my initial hope, that I would have finished through row four by the end of the weekend. That would have left me with two large blocks and twenty-SEVEN small ones. So I did make extra progress. Sort of.

This weekend, many hours were spent making little tiny stitches. Then it was Sunday and the little tiny stitches got a wee bit bigger. My poor right thumb aches in every joint (yes, there are only two joints in your thumb, but they both hurt, so there.) and my fingertips are half starting to callous and are half dotted with little tiny tears from the tip of the needle. My attention span and focus are nearly depleted, as I wish to do practically anything other than work on this quilt anymore.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I can be stubborn enough to knock the quilt down to my preferred "One large block and twelve small blocks left" for Tuesday's goal!

P.S. My mom, loving, kind woman that she is, asked me yesterday what I had been up to all weekend. Um. Well. Nothing for you, of course, ha ha ha.

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