Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FDDD, The night before

Due to having helped people who are mildly famous, I have Secretly Coded their names to make it less likely someone will stumble on my blog while doing a web search for them.

As with all days where it is very important for me to get out of work early or on-time-no-minutes-late, the day was extraordinarily busy.  Like, start a few minutes early run through the day as fast as possible work through lunch still get out two hours after you planned to leave busy.

So I make my way to the convention center, get oriented as to where I should check in, and get my shirts for the weekend.  I grabbed the requisite three medium shirts and found my way to the media area of the floor, which was actually nicely tucked away off the dealer floor and in its own quasi-protected area.  People were setting up signs, and I wandered around with Stephanie to see where we would walk the guests, how to get to the fourth floor for panels, and where their break room was.  As we walked back to the signing area of the floor, Stephanie saw a pigeon fly and roost above the windows. 

Not much was going on in the media area, so I wandered back to the registration area to talk with Friday a bit and ask her about knitting night.  Not sure if it's going to happen, but if it does it will likely be on a Tuesday.  Quiana entered at this point and was annoyed that shirts in her size had all been snatched up.  I'd have been happy enough to give her one of my three, had she even really acknowledged that I was present or seemed pleased to see me.  She didn't, I kept my shirts, and given the amount of ignoring I got over the rest of the weekend I feel I made the right decision. 

I went back to the media area, met up with Todd, got the official tour, and then was released to the wild and told to be back Friday morning between eight and nine.  Well, it was 6PM in downtown Seattle, and I was more than willing to wait about a bit and entertain myself at the convention center while I traffic died down.  I followed Todd to the Sheraton, so I'd know how to get from the hotel where the guests were staying to the show floor, then returned and was ready to wait. 

Another staff member was also around and suggested dinner.  I figured food would be good; he kinda thought it was a date.  AWKWARD.  Nice enough time, seemed a decent enough guy, but no real common ground and no spark.  When dinner was done it was late enough for traffic to have emptied out.  I went home.

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