Friday, February 25, 2011

A month?!?

This is what happens when I want to do picture posts. First, I want to get "Just a little bit farther." Then I want to "wait for natural light to take a picture." Then it's "Oh, where is that cord for my camera?" and then "What? Uploading pictures takes how long?!"

So... yeah.

I'm going to try to post pictures each week of what I've worked on. There likely won't be much progress from week to week, and certain projects might only show up once or twice before falling back into obscurity, but that's the way I craft.

Without further ado:

 Lady of the Ginkos,

 At a guess, she's about 1/16th of the way done.  So, not all that far yet.  I'm stitching in successive row/columns from the top right corner, so current progress is on row/column 7.  When I get through 7 and 8 I'll have a full page (page six) done, and will be able to post it to the HAED board. 

You Were Hatched

 This one is pretty close to done.  Just have to finish doing the backstitch and I'll be able to call her done.  (She's a girl; really!)

Camilla Mittens
These are based off a free pattern by SpillyJane. (pattern here)  She offered to give anyone who finished a pair and sent her a picture by the end of February a free pattern.  I'm not sure what one I want, so I've not sent in my picture yet.  The cupcake mittens are so fun, but I also love the owls and the Phedre-inspired one, as well as a couple others.  I really enjoyed knitting these, and they've already come in very handy when I had to de-snow the work truck this week.

Also why posting to this blog hasn't happened:  trying to get pictures on the blog *rotated the proper way* took almost two hours of fiddling, and I ended up having to save my pictures as .gif files.  Bleh!

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  1. Lovely projects!! Those mitts look so cozy and warm.